Ingrid Olivares

Ingrid Olivares


Tel.: 0041 (0)44 634 84 30


Since my undergraduate studies in Colombia, I have been developing projects on tropical ecology. In 2013 I completed a MSc in Ecology at the Free University of Amsterdam in collaboration with Aarhus University (Denmark). My MSc research aimed to study the effects of climate change in Amazonian forests and the dynamics of a palm community in the western Amazon basin. In June 2014 I joined the Department of Systematic Botany as a PhD student to investigate the ecological factors that limit species radiations in tropical plants. During my PhD I aim to integrate community ecology and biogeography to shed light on the processes that determine plant diversification. Among others, my current research includes the study of concepts on community saturation and the methods used to test for it, as well as the community ecology of grammitid ferns in the Neotropics. Through the study of plant assemblages I explore species responses to abiotic factors in terms of morphology and distribution patterns. I am also interested on how baseline information generated by scientific research can contribute to the sustainable use of forest resources.


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