Öffentliche Vorträge (Kolloquium)

Falls keine anderen Daten/Zeiten angegeben sind, finden die Vorträge jeweils am Montag, 11.00– 12.00 Uhr, im Grossen Hörsaal der Botanischen Institute statt

Date Title Speaker
2018-03-12 Automated monitoring of plant-invertebrate interactions using Rana: Examples from ecological studies Luca Pegoraro
2018-03-19 Evolution of the cryptic and polyploid moonwort ferns (Botrychium, Ophioglossaceae) Benjamin Dauphin
2018-03-26 Cardenolides in the Brassicaceae: novel defenses as an escape from co-adapted herbivores? Tobias Züst
2018-04-09 Aldabra: evolution and ecology in a land of dwarfs and giants Dennis Hansen
2018-04-16 The inflorescence context of reproductive adaptation Juriaan deVos
2018-04-23 Linking the ecology and evolution of the savanna biome Caroline Lehmann
2018-04-30 Toward spatial mechanistic models of biodiversity: contrasting hypotheses about plant diversification Loic Pellisier
2018-05-16 Trophic rewilding – background, opportunities and challenges for megafauna-based restoration in the Anthropocene Jens-Christian Svenning
2018-05-28 Nectar Robbing and the "Temptation to Cheat" in Mutualisms Judith Bronstein