Guido Fässler

Guido Fässler


Education and scientific interests

2018 – 2020: Master of Science in Biology (Systematics and Evolution), Minor in Environmental Studies, University of Zurich (UZH)

2014 – 2018: Bachelor of Science in Biology (general), University of Zurich (UZH)

I am broadly interested through the disciplines of biology with an emphasis on biodiversity, zoology, genetics and the processes of evolution. Thus, I decided to join the group of Prof. Dr. Schiestl for my master thesis. Different cultivated plants are evolved through genome duplication or hybridisation events. The aim of my master thesis is to learn more about hybridisation and polyploidisation in the context of the evolution of rape (Brassica napus), which is an allopolyploid hybrid species of two other closely related species (B. rapa & B. oleracea). The phenotype of the hybrids will be compared with the two paternal species using different methods such as floral scent analysis. Additionally, aspects of reproductive isolation will be investigated at different levels. Further investigations will be performed on polyploidisation occurrence in consideration to the hybridisation of rape.