Öffentliche Vorträge


Wir bieten öffentlich zugängliche Vorträge für alle interessierten Hörer- und Hörerinnen an.
Falls keine anderen Daten/Zeiten angegeben sind, finden die Vorträge jeweils am Montag, ab 16.00 online statt.
Kontaktieren Sie bitte Rebecca Stubbs ( um Zugang zu erhalten.


Date Title Speaker
2021-02-22 Toxic cardenolides in Erysimum: Evolutionary consequences of novel plant defences Tobias Züst
2021-03-01 A functional view of floral evolution Øystein Opedal
2021-03-08 Biodiversity, conservation and evolution of tropical African plants Thomas Couvreur
2021-03-15 Biodiversity erosion in European medicinal plants Spyros Theodoridis
2021-03-22 Macroevolutionary dynamics of a rare trait: the origins and fates of red flowers in the tomato family Stacey D. Smith
2021-03-29 Discordant phylogeographic patterns between plastid and nuclear genomes: are African trees evolving as syngameons? Prof. Olivier Hardy
2021-04-12 Phylogenetic inference of mosaic plant genomes Deren Eaton
2021-04-19 Ethnopharmacology – Why to plants and plant sciences matter? Michael Heinrich
2021-04-26 Overview of sequencing technologies and its applications Baptiste Mayjonade
2021-05-03 Intraspecific diversity of plant root symbionts and its impact on soil microbial community Soon-Jae Lee
2021-05-10 Parasitoids and indirect interactions between herbivores enhance plant fitness in Lima bean Carlos Bustos
2021-05-17 Novelty and convergence in adaptation to whole genome duplication Levi Yant
2021-05-31 TBA Pengjuan Zu