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Institut für Systematische und Evolutionäre Botanik

Stéphanie Ruaud

Stéphanie Ruaud

  • PhD student

Scientific Interests

I have always been interested in studying genetics, such as the origins of diseases or the evolutionary and adaptative processes. Thanks to my master’s project in the laboratory of evolutionary genetics of Neuchâtel, I discovered a deep interest in bioinformatics.
Next-Generation Sequencing has revolutionized the biology domain because we have access to a large amount of OMIC data, and we can know more about molecular mechanisms. In my previous project, I worked on the role of structural variations in the evolutionary processes in a fungal wheat pathogen, leading to its strong adaptive capacity.
Now, I am studying the genetic basis of the carbon-concentrating mechanism involved in photosynthesis efficiency in the hornworts. Decipher the genomes is something that I appreciate for a couple of years. I can spend a long time looking for evidence within the genetic code that seems illegible at first sight, but with the right tools, we can answer a lot of questions.