Teresa Vaello

Teresa Vaello, PhD

Technical Assistant



2019: Ph.D in Biodiversity and Conservation, Department of  CIBIO “Centro Iberoamericano de la Biodiversidad” , University of Alicante, Spain.

2014: MSc in Biodiversity and Conservation, University of Alicante, Spain.

2013: BSc and MSc in Environmental Sciences, Polytechnic University of Valencia, Spain.



Vaello, T., Pineda, A., Marcos-García MA. (2019) Role of thrips omnivory and their aggregation pheromone on the multitrophic Interaction between sweet pepper plants, aphids and hoverflies. Frontiers in plant science, doi. 10.3389/fevo.2018.00240.

Vaello, T., Sarde, SJ., Marcos-García, MA., de Boer, JG., Pineda, A. (2018) Modulation of plant-mediated interactions between herbivores of different feeding guilds: Effects of parasitism and belowground interactions. Scientific reports, 8 14424.

Vaello, T., Casas, JL., Pineda, A., de Alfonso, I., Marcos-García, MA. (2017) Olfactory response of the predatory bug Orius laevigatus (Hemiptera:Anthocoridae) to the aggregation pheromone of its prey, Frankliniella occidentalis (Thysanoptera: Thripidae). Environmental Entomology, 46 (5) 1115–1119.