Öffentliche Vorträge


Wir bieten öffentlich zugängliche Vorträge für alle interessierten Hörer- und Hörerinnen an.
Falls keine anderen Daten/Zeiten angegeben sind, finden die Vorträge jeweils am Montag, ab 16.00 online statt.
Kontaktieren Sie bitte um Zugang zu erhalten.


Date Title Speaker
2022-02-21 A journey through multitrophic interactions in a sweet pepper system Dr. Teresa Vaello
2022-03-07 The evolution of intra-specific genetic variation in light of resource variation and life-history strategies Dr. Max Schmid
2022-04-04 Recent advances in genomics and the prospects they offer for sustainable in situ conservation Dr. Stefan Prost
2022-04-11 Experimental evolution - uncharted territory for non-hypothesis driven research Prof. Dr. Christian Schlötterer
2022-05-02 Evolution in a sea of trees: adaptive radiation where populations are continuous, gene flow is high, and intrinsic barriers are slow to arise (*Note at 17:00*) Dr. Elizabeth Stacy
2022-05-09 Interactions between plant communities and their fungal pathogens – from ecological experiments to agricultural utilization Dr. Seraina Cappelli
2022-05-16 Building and leveraging a digital herbarium for biodiversity science Prof. Charles C. Davis
2022-05-23 Function and evolution of plant chemical defences: looking backward to move forward Prof Shuqing Xu
2022-05-30 Examining patterns and drivers of divergence in a plant ring-species Prof. N. Ivalú Cacho