Public talks


We offer talks which are open to the public.

The talks are Mondays at 16:00. Due to the Covid-19 situation, our Monday seminars are online. Please contact for login link.


Date Title Speaker
2022-10-17 Trackers and guides: the genetics of natural variation in heliotropism and pollinator attraction Benjamin Blackman
2022-10-24 What drives sex chromosome evolution? Daniel Jeffries
2022-11-07 Steps for successful engagement of the public in the creation of digital data from biodiversity specimens Austin Mast
2022-11-14 Moving from descriptive to predictive understanding of protective microbial interactions (on-site) Dr. Or Shalev
2022-11-28 Does evolution in a novel environment affect coexistence between herbivores? (online) Dr. Inês Fragata
2022-12-12 Understanding the factors that shape floral trait evolution: from species interactions to molecular mechanisms (online) Dr. Katherine Eisen