Ecology and Evolution of Flowers Symposium 2018

2nd International Symposium in memory of Prof. Stefan Vogel (1925-2015)

Stefan Vogel

The International Symposium on the Ecology and Evolution of Flowers is a scientific conference on various aspects of floral evolution such as pollination, floral traits, mating system, macroevolutionary patterns and molecular mechanisms. The symposium is primarily aimed at giving young researches the opportunity to present their data in a friendly and informal, yet high level and international research forum. The symposium includes talks by two international scientists that are leaders in the field (Prof. Steve Johnson, Prof. Lynn Adler), and is free of charge

Department of Systematic and Evolutionary Botany
Botanical Garden, University of  Zürich
Zollikerstrasse 107, 8008 Zürich

24.-25. November 2018

Registration & Abstract Submission:
Start: June 1st    / End: September 15th
Registration is closed

The symposium is free of charge

Invited Speakers:
Prof. Lynn Adler & Prof. Steven Johnson

Organizer / Contact:
Prof. Florian Schiestl ✉

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