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1. Weddellina Tulasne

Weddellina Tulasne, Ann. Sci. Nat. Bot. III, 11: 90, 113 (1849).

Roots thread-like, laterally flattened, up to 2 mm wide, creeping, branched, with numerous disk-like holdfasts; stems arising laterally from the root; vegetative stems erect, up to 80 cm long, irregularly pinnately branched; branches thickly covered with entire or divided scale-like leaves and bunches of photosynthetic filaments; flowering stems unlike vegetative ones, unbranched, 2--12 cm long, bearing scale-like leaves and solitary terminal flowers. Flowers enveloped in scale-like leaves when young; scale-like leaves intergrading with tepals and usually spirally arranged; tepals oblanceolate, 3--6 mm long, free or slightly united at base, pink to lilac or white; stamen filaments terete. Capsules ellipsoidal to subglobose, 2.5--4 mm long; style linear, 0.5--1 mm long; stigma capitate; seeds ± 160. One sp., W. squamulosa Tulasne, with two 'formae', northern to central South America.







Subfam. Weddellinoideae

Weddellina squamulosa. A Sterile shoot with photosynthetic filaments and scales (2 cm). B Sterile shoot with scales (1.5 cm). C Root with endogenous holdfasts and a fertile shoot with terminal capsule (1 cm). D flower (2.5 mm).

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