Plant diversity is amazing and it is fundamental to the existence of many forms of life. Our research addresses relationships among plants and mechanisms of origin of their diversity.

The mission of the Department of Systematic and Evolutionary Botany and its associated collections (the New and Old Botanic Gardens, Herbarium, and Library) is to:

  • generate new knowledge about the processes and outcomes of plant evolution, the relationships of species within the plant kingdom and with other organisms through space and time, and the human uses of plant diversity.
  • organize this knowledge into information systems that allow for efficient retrieval of data about plant diversity in living and preserved collections
  • disseminate established and cutting-edge knowledge of plants in the scientific community, students from kindergarten to University, and the general public in accurate and attractive ways.

The ultimate goal is to promote a deeper understanding and appreciation of the amazing diversity of plants at all levels, leading to an enhanced awareness that such diversity needs to be preserved for future generations.

We communicate these topics to students and the broader public through courses, excursions and exhibitions or tours in the botanic gardens.

A well equipped library and one of the largest herbaria in the world are an inevitable part of the institute

The short film ‘An Island of Plant Diversity’ [only available in German] will allow you to get to know us better – it introduces our institute and the botanic gardens and some of the questions that underpin our research.