Events at the Institute

Public talks


As part of the module: "Kolloqium für Fortgeschrittene" we offer talks. They are open to the public. Students can receive credits for attending these talks.

If no other time is indicated the talks take place on Mondays, in the big lecture hall of the Botanical Institutes.


Date Title Speaker
2018-09-11 Amazonian biogeography from space Hanna Tuomisto
2018-09-25 Ethnobotanik - Habil Probevorlesung Caroline Weckerle
2018-10-22 Evolving cooperation among species: lessons from ant/plant symbioses Guillauime Chomicki
2018-11-05 Plant adaptation to multiple environmental factors Léa Frachon
2018-11-13 The timing and nature of early land plant evolution Phillip Donoghue
2018-11-19 Genetic divergence and speciation in northern peatmosses (genus Sphagnum) Narjes Yousefi
2018-11-26 Macroevolutionary models using fossil and phylogenetic data Daniele Silvestro
2018-12-10 ‚Artenschutz über den Köpfen‘ – artenreiche Dachbegrünungen Rafael Schneider
2018-12-17 "An obscure plant in a cold world: Evolutionary implications of an alpine-arctic clade of flowering plants (Micranthes, Saxifragaceae)" Rebecca Stubbs
2019-03-04 tba Emily Sessa
2019-05-20 Evolutionary and biogeographic origins of one of the world's most diverse plant genus, Carex (Cyperaceae) Etienne Leveille-Bourret