Events at the Institute

Public talks


As part of the module: "Kolloqium für Fortgeschrittene" we offer talks. They are open to the public. Students can receive credits for attending these talks.

If no other time is indicated the talks take place on Mondays, in the big lecture hall of the Botanical Institutes.


Date Title Speaker
2019-03-06 Fern tales at two scales: Using phylogenetics to study historical biogeography in Africa and community assembly in Florida Emily Sessa
2019-03-11 Progress in genome assembly methods enable the answering of new biological questions. Dario Copetti
2019-03-25 Understanding variation in gene flow along the genome and across time Simon Aeschbacher
2019-05-13 From phylogenomics to population genomics: parental legacy, relaxed constraint, and functional diversification in an allopolyploid Tim Paape
2019-05-17 Evolutionary consequences of natural hybridization: The old and everlasting puzzle Gonzalo Nieto-Feliner
2019-05-20 Evolutionary and biogeographic origins of one of the world's most diverse plant genus, Carex (Cyperaceae) Etienne Leveille-Bourret
2019-05-27 The dynamics of multiple infection in natural plant populations Anna Liisa Laine
2019-06-24 The genetics of plant-plant interactions: from cooperation to community-wide interactions Fabrice Roux
2019-07-15 The resurrection approach shows rapid evolution in natural and experimental populations of Brassica rapa Steve Franks
2020-03-30 The Ecology and Evolution of Plant Mating Jeffrey D Karron