Events at the Institute

Public talks


As part of the module: "Kolloqium für Fortgeschrittene" we offer talks. They are open to the public. Students can receive credits for attending these talks.

If no other time is indicated the talks take place on Mondays, in the big lecture hall of the Botanical Institutes.


Date Title Speaker
2019-10-14 Evolution and function of a C4-CAM plant: Portulaca, a photosynthetic marvel Erika Edwards
2019-10-28 Ex situ conservation and plant reintroduction in the age of global change Andreas Ensslin
2019-11-04 Genomic perspectives on genetic monitoring, plant evolution and conservation Martin Claude Fischer
2019-11-18 Phylodynamic approaches to estimating macroevolutionary parameters Rachel Warnock
2019-12-03 (11:00-12:00) Philippe Reymond
2020-03-02 Testing the limits of adaptation at ecological margins in Senecio ragworts in Sicily Jon Bridle
2020-03-30 The Ecology and Evolution of Plant Mating Jeffrey D Karron