Events at the Institute

Public talks


We offer talks which are open to the public.

The talks are Mondays at 16:00. Due to the Covid-19 situation, our Monday seminars are online. Please contact for login link.


Date Title Speaker
2021-09-20 The impact of global environmental change on plant-insect interactions Erik van Bergen
2021-09-27 Vascular epiphytes contribute disproportionately to global centres of plant diversity Amanda Taylor
2021-10-04 **AVAILABLE**
2021-10-11 Molecular mechanisms involved in Nostoc-rice symbiosis Vicente Mariscal Romero
2021-10-18 Using a 13,000-species phylogeny of the nitrogen-fixing clade to reconstruct the origins and evolution of a critical symbiosis Heather Rose Kates
2021-10-25 Insights from ecometabolomics into intraspecific chemodiversity of plants and interactions with insects Caroline Müller
2021-11-01 **AVAILABLE**
2021-11-08 TBA Kyle Dexter
2021-11-15 Completing the Plant Tree of Life William (Bill) Baker
2021-11-22 TBA Kimberley Simpson
2021-11-29 TBA Nina Hautekèete
2021-12-06 Buzz pollination: How and why bees buzz flowers? Mario Vallejo-Marin
2021-12-13 **AVAILABLE**