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Department of Systematic and Evolutionary Botany


Public talks


We offer talks which are open to the public.

The talks are Mondays at 16:00 if not indicated otherwise. The talks take place as lectures in the small lecture room.



Date Title Speaker University
2024-03-01 Special Seminar, Friday at 10:30! Emily Sessa New York Botanical Garden
2024-03-11 Whole genome duplications provide genomic substrate for ecological radiations Christian Parisod University of Fribourg
2024-04-08 Covering the bases: population genomic structure of Lemna minor and the cryptic species Lemna japonica in Switzerland Sofia van Moorsel University of Zürich
2024-04-29 TBA Francisco Perfectti University of Granada
2024-11-04 HS24 Judith Trunschke

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