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Podostemaceae in Africa:

Africa (including Madagascar) has 16 genera and c. 86 species, being the second center of biodiversity, apart from tropical America. Eight out of the 16 genera occur with just one species in Africa and Madagascar; five of them are monotypic genera restricted to Africa (continent), two of them are monotypic genera endemic to Madagascar. Most genera consist of 6 or less species. Genus Ledermanniella (as defined by Cusset 1974, 1983, 1984) is an exceptionally large genus, containing c. 46 spp., i.e. more than half of all podostemaceous taxa from Africa. Most podostemaceous genera and species in Africa occur in the mountains of Cameroon and Gabon Cameroon with 9 genera and c. 34 species is one of the Eldorados for Podostemaceae research in Africa (Baker and Wright 1909; Cusset 1987; Cook 1996)!


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