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25. Butumia G.. Taylor

Butumia G. Taylor, Bull. Brit. Mus. Nat. Hist. Bot. 1: 55 (1953).

Roots ribbon-like, ± 2 mm wide, branched, resembling a liverwort, sometimes connected by thread-like roots; stems arising endogenously along margins of root, very short, not branched. Leaves in rosettes, sessile, subulate; inner leaves subtending flowers with stipule-like teeth. Spathellas ovoid, apiculate, ± 1 mm long. Flowers erect in spathella, terminal, solitary, subsessile; tepals 2, minute, 1 each side of stamen; stamen 1; filament ultimately 1--2 mm long; anther ± 0.5 mm long; pollen in dyads; ovary 1-locular. Capsules ovoid, ± 1 mm long; valves equal, each with 3 ribs; stigmas unequal, flattened, ovate to elliptic in outline, divergent, persisting in fruit. One sp., B. marginalis G.. Taylor, Cameroon & Nigeria. M. Cheek et al. (2000) transferred this monotypic genus to Saxicolella.


Subfam. Podostemoideae

Butumia marginalis. D Creeping root with flowering shoots (2 cm). E Spathella with leaves (0.5 mm). F Flower (5 mm).

Cook & Rutishauser 2007


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