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40. Cladopus H. Moeller

Cladopus H. Moeller, Ann. Jard. Bot. Buitenzorg 16: 115 (1899).
Lawiella Koidzumi, in Y. Doi, Fl. Satsum. 1(2): 21 (1927); emend. Koidzumi, in Y. Doi, Fl. Satsum. 2: 94 (1931).
Hemidistichophyllum Koidzumi, in Y. Doi, Fl. Satsum. 1(3): 24 (1928), cum descr.: Koidzumi, Fl. Symb. Or.-Asiat. 96 (1930), in syn.
Lecomtea Koidzumi (1929).
Torrenticola Domin ex Steenis (1949).
Mniopsis Mart. pro parte (1823 or 1824), nom. illeg.

Roots ribbon-like to almost cylindrical, irregularly lobed or branched, (0.5--) 2--6 mm wide; stems erect, very short or up to 10 cm long, simple or rarely branched, arising along lateral margins of  roots and on upper surface near sinuses of root lobes, some remaining embedded in root as rosettes with just the leaves emerging and some finally emerging and bearing flowers. Leaves on young stems subulate, linear, with a few lateral teeth at base; leaves on older and flowering stems imbricate, scale-like, 2-lobed or palmately divided with 3--9 lobes or linear teeth, one or more median lobes sometimes with caducous, subulate to filamentous tips. Spathellas ovoid to globose, with an apical papilla, ± 2 mm long, splitting at tip, ± circumscissile. Flowers solitary, terminal; pedicels very short to 1.25 mm long, sometimes elongating to ± 3 mm long in fruit, the flowers just emerging from spathella; tepals 2, minute, one each side of stamen or andropodium; stamens 1 or 2 (3), when 2 or 3 then borne on an andropodium, when 1 the anther halves separated by a broad connective; pollen in dyads. Capsules ovoid to almost globose, 1.25--1.75 mm long, borne on a short or a 1.5--3 mm long pedicel, obliquely 2-locular; valves unequal, each smooth or with 3 or 5 faint ribs, the larger valve persistent; stigmas linear or oblong-lanceolate. Seeds ± 100. About six spp. (more have been described), SE and E Asia, New Guinea, NE Australia. Cook and Rutishauser (2001) have sunk Torrenticola into Cladopus.

Subfam. Podostemoideae

Cladopus nymani. A Ribbon-like root with shoot buds (2 mm). B Flower (1 mm). C Persistent empty capsule valve (1 mm).

Cook & Rutishauser 2007

    Copyright Institute of Systematic Botany, University of Zurich