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3. Dalzellia R. Wight

Dalzellia R. Wight, Icon. Pl. Ind. Or. 5(2): 34, t. 1919, 1920, 1919 (1852).
Lawia Griffith ex Tulasne (1849), nom. illeg.
Tulasnea R. Wight (1852), nom. illeg.
Terniola Tulasne (1852).
Mnianthus Walpers (1852).

Roots 0 or, in D. gracilis Mathew, Jäger-Zürn & Nileena, flattened and irregular in outline; plant body closely attached to rock, flattened, crustose, often ± star-shaped, up to 35 cm in diameter, the lobes usually rather irregular. Leaves numerous, simple, scale-like or linear, occurring on upper surface and along edges of plant body or in closely packed rosettes arising on older parts; ramuli (photosynthetic branchlets) 0; rosettes forming cupules (cup-like structures) of many scales which surround the individual flowers, cupules apparently lacking in D. gracilis. Flowers solitary, terminal, pedicellate; pedicel 2--3 mm long at anthesis, elongating in fruit to 10--20 mm long; tepals 3, narrowly ovate to ovate, united below; stamens 3(2). Capsules ellipsoidal to ovoid, remaining within tepals until dehiscence; stigmas 3, ovate to linear. Seeds 200--300. Four or perhaps more spp., in S & SE Asia.

Subfam. Tristichoideae


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