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28. Endocaulos C. Cusset

Endocaulos C. Cusset, Adansonia II,  12: 560 (dated 1972, published 1973).

Roots ribbon-like, 0.3--1 mm wide, infrequently branched, closely attached to rock or partly floating; stems arising along margins of root, very short, not branched. Leaves simple, elongate, 2--3 cm long, swollen at base; base sometimes with 2 stipule-like lobes; elongate portions of leaves become detached at flowering time. Spathellas ovoid, obtuse at tip, opening irregularly. Flowers somewhat inclined within spathella, solitary; pedicel in fruit 2--3 mm long; tepals 2, obovate, one each side of andropodium base; stamens 2, borne on an andropodium, somewhat exceeding ovary; pollen in dyads; ovaries 2-locular. Capsules asymmetrically ovoid, somewhat flattened laterally, held obliquely at  tip of  pedicel; valves unequal and persistent, each with 7 ribs, the ribs nearest the sutures shortest and not extending whole length of capsule; stigmas 2, elongate, equal. One sp., E. mangorense (Perrier) C. Cusset, Madagascar.







Subfam. Podostemoideae

Endocaulos mangorense. D Creeping root with sterile and flowering shoots (4 mm). E Two fertile shoots with one flower (1 mm).

Cook & Rutishauser 2007

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