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43. Griffithella (Tulasne) Warming

Griffithella (Tulasne) Warming, Overs. Kong. Danske Vid. Selsk. Skr. VI, 11(1): 13, 65 (1901).

Roots variable, star-shaped or ribbon-like, when ribbon-like then up to 1 cm wide, green to red, usually closely attached to the rocks but sometimes cup-like and then only attached by central part; stems simple, short, arising endogenously along lateral margins or from upper surface of root, with 2--6 leaves. Leaves imbricate, scale-like, 3--4 mm long, often caducous; leaf bases ± hooded, overlapping. Spathella broadly funnel-shaped, 2--3 mm long, splitting irregularly at tip into several teeth, the torn parts appearing fimbriate. Flowers solitary; pedicel ± 3 mm long at anthesis, 4 mm or more long in fruit; tepals 2, one on each side of andropodium; stamens 2; andropodium 1.5--2 mm long, as long or longer than ovary; filaments 0.5--0.7 mm long; pollen in dyads. Capsules narrowly ovoid, 2.5 mm long, smooth; valves unequal, the larger persistent; stigmas linear. Seeds ± 250, ± 0.2 mm long. One sp., G. hookeriana (Tulasne) Warming, S India.

Subfam. Podostemoideae

Griffithella hookeriana. A Creeping root with two fruiting shoots (2 mm). B Flowering shoot (1 mm ). C Persistent empty capsule valve (1 mm).

Cook & Rutishauser 2007

    Copyright Institute of Systematic Botany, University of Zurich