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2. Tristicha Du Petit-Thouars

Tristicha Du Petit-Thouars, Gen. Nova Madag. 3 (1806).
Dufourea Bory (1810), nom. illeg.
Philocrena Bongard (1837).
Potamobryum Liebmann (1849).
Tristichopsis A. Chevalier (1938), nom. illeg.
Terniopsis H. C. Chao (dated 1948, publ. 1949).
Heterotristicha Tobler (1953).
Malaccotristicha C. Cusset & G. Cusset (1988).
Dalzellia non R. Wight, sensu Cusset & Cusset (1988).

Roots creeping, ± cylindrical or laterally flattened and ribbon-like, 0.5--1 mm wide, branched, attached to rock by disk-like holdfasts; stems polymorphic, creeping or floating; floating stems simple or branched, up to 10 cm long, bearing scales and ramuli (photosynthetic branchlets); ramuli moss-like, 2--4 cm long; scale-like appendages of ramuli entire or divided, arranged in 3 rows, usually 2 rows spreading and the third row smaller and appressed. Flowers solitary or sometimes in clusters, pedicellate; tepals 3, lanceolate to narrowly ovate, free or united at the base. Capsules ellipsoidal to ovoid; style short; stigmas linear, simple or rarely forked. Seeds up to ± 70. Probably only one very polymorphic sp., T. trifaria (Bory ex Willdenow) Sprengel, or up to 6 spp., tropical America, Africa, Madagascar, Mascarene Islands, Malaysia, E China & NE Australia. Terniopsis sessilis Chao,  Tristicha australis C. Cusset & G.. Cusset [=Malaccotristicha australis (C. Cusset & G.. Cusset) M. Kato] and Malaccotristicha malayana (Dransfield & Whitmore) C. Cusset & G.. Cusset seem to be no more than prostrate states of Tristicha trifaria.



Subfam. Tristichoideae

Tristicha trifaria. A Creeping root with ramuli (5 mm). B Flower (0.5 mm). C Fruiting shoot with three ramuli (2 mm).

Cook & Rutishauser 2007

    Copyright Institute of Systematic Botany, University of Zurich