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21. Tulasneantha P. Royen

Tulasneantha P. Royen, Acta Bot. Neerl. 2: 16 (1953).

Root insufficiently documented; stems very short; holdfasts 1--5 cm long, 0.5--2 cm wide. Leaves in basal rosettes, 10--30 cm long; petioles slightly flattened, smooth, 5--16 cm long, 1--3 mm wide; leaf blades fan-shaped, repeatedly forked. Spathellas club-shaped, 0.5--1 cm long. Flowers alternating with bracts, in a 2-sided, compressed, unbranched, raceme-like, 8--30 cm long inflorescence; bracts with double sided sheaths, double boat-shaped, 0.5--1 cm long; pedicels 1--3.5 cm long; tepals 6--10 or rarely rudimentary, lanceolate, ± 0.5 mm long; stamens 6--10, in 1 whorl, 5--12.5 mm long; filaments terete, united halfway or slightly less into a tube below; pollen in monads; anthers introrse. Capsules ovoid to obovoid, 3.5--8 mm long; valves equal, each with 2 lateral ribs and a midrib slightly winged above; stigmas linear, persisting in fruit. Seeds unknown. One sp., T. monadelpha (Bongard) P. Royen, W Brazil. It is close to Lonchostephus and Mourera.







Subfam. Podostemoideae

Tulasneantha monodelpha. C Leaf with detached inflorescence (2 cm). D Flower (3 mm).

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