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39. Zehnderia C. Cusset

Zehnderia C. Cusset, Flore du Cameroun 30: 56 (1987).

Roots crustose; stems simple or branched, up to 3 cm long. Leaves ribbon-like, simple, 2--3 mm long, with stipules. Spathellas obovoid, ± 1.5 mm long. Flowers inverted in  unruptured spathella, arranged irregularly, either solitary or in clusters; pedicels up to 1.5 cm long in fruit; tepals 2, filiform, 0.2--0.3 mm long, one each side at base of andropodium; stamens 2 or rarely 3; anthers ± 0.7 mm long; pollen in monads; ovaries 1-locular. Capsules globose, 0.6--0.7 mm long; valves equal, each with 3 ribs; gynophore up to 8 mm long; stigmas equal, linear, 0.7--0.8 mm long. One sp., Z. microgyna C. Cusset, Edéa, Cameroon. It differs from Leiothylax in having a ribbed capsule.







Subfam. Podostemoideae

Zehnderia microgyna. D Flower (0.7 mm). E Flowering plant (4 mm). F Flower emerging from the spathella (0.7 mm).

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